Bridging Stablecoins with Meson

Meson is a stablecoin cross-chain swap protocol that supports multiple networks. With Meson, you can bridge either USDC or USDT tokens from different networks into Conflux eSpace, or from Conflux eSpace to other networks.

In this guide, we'll bridge USDC on BNB Chain to USDT on Conflux eSpace through Meson.


  • A USDC or USDT stablecoin on any of the following networks:

    • Ethereum (USDC/USDT)

    • BNB Chain (USDC/USDT)

    • Tron (USDT)

    • Avalanche (USDC)

    • Fantom (USDC)

    • Polygon (USDC)

    • Conflux (USDC/USDT)

  • Your MetaMask wallet connected to Conflux eSpace.

Bridging Stablecoins to Conflux eSpace with Meson

  1. Go to Meson.

  2. Note: The approval operation requires a gas fee, however, this is the only time you'll need to pay for gas, the gas fee for other steps are on Meson.

You have now bridged your funds to Conflux eSpace!

Verifying Transactions

To verify the transaction:

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