1. What is my Launchpad score? Your Launchpad score will grant you the right to participate in project Pre-Sales if you meet the score requirement of the project, with your score and the score is determined by your vePPI.

  2. How is my score calculated? Staking your PPI in the Staking pool will get a Launchpad Score, which is calculated as follows:

    • 1 $PPI locked in for 4 years = 1 point

    • 1 $PPI locked in for 3 years = 0.75 points

    • 1 $PPI locked in for 2 years = 0.5 points

    • 1 $PPI locked in for 1 year = 0.25 points

    You can simulate your score at Swappi’s Boost Simulator.

    Your vePPI weight gradually decreases as your escrowed tokens approach their lock expiry, so does the Launchpad score. Make sure you have enough score to satisfy pre-sale requirement before the launch date.

  3. How can I increase my score? You can increase your score by increasing your PPI in the Staking pool.

  4. I have met the minimum Launchpad enough Score for the Pre-Sale but also won the whitelist from Twitter giveaways, will my commit limit be doubled? No, your upper limit will be determined by the option with the highest commit amount, E.g.: Your limit commitment from Pre-Sale is 1000 tokens, and whitelist is 900. Then your max purchasable amount of this time will be 1000 tokens.

  5. What benefit does Pre-sale bring? You can commit new tokens at a cheaper price than the Public sales (most of the time).

  6. Is my slot in Pre-sale guaranteed if I meet the minimum required Launchpad Score? No. Be aware that even if you have a high enough Launchpad Score to participate in the Pre-Sale, it doesn't mean that your slot is guaranteed since some users will spend their CFX with upper limit account.

  7. When can I claim the IDO’s token? You will be able to claim your tokens once both Pre-sale and Public sales are finished.

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