🎫Getting Your Ticket

To buy a Swappi Loterry ticket:

  1. Go to Swappi.

  2. In Swappi, go to Lottery.

  3. In Swappi Lottery, click Get Ticket.

  4. In the Buy Tickets dialog, enter the number of tickets that you want to buy. In this case, we'll buy 1 ticket. The cost of those ticket is displayed next to Cost. In this case, the cost of our ticket is about 83 PPI.

  5. Click Approve to approve Swappi Lottery to spend PPI on your behalf.

  6. In the MetaMask dialog, click Confirm.

  7. Now let's choose our lucky lottery numbers! Click View/Edit Numbers. Optionally, you can click Buy Instantly and skip to step 10.

  8. In Edit Numbers, see the ticket number that you got. If you want a new lottery number of numbers, click Randomize, until you get a lottery number that makes you feel lucky.

  9. Once you're ready, click Confirm & Buy.

  10. In the MetaMask notification, click Confirm to confirm the purchase of your lottery ticket(s).

You have successfully bought a ticket for Swappi Lottery, now go have fun!

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