Boosting your PPI Rewards

This guide is assuming you have already provided liquidity and that you are currently staking your LP tokens on the Yield Farming.

One of the main incentive for PPI is the ability to boost your rewards on provided liquidity. Staking PPI in the PPI Staking Pool allows you to earn a boost of up to 3x on the liquidity you are providing on Swappi.

Figuring out your required boost

The first step to getting your rewards boosted is to figure out how much PPI you'll need to lock. All Yield Farms have different requirements. It depends on how much other users have locked and how much liquidity the farm has.

You can find the simulator here.

Locking your PPI

If you know how much and how long you wish to lock for, skip to the "Applying Your Boost" section below

Enter the amount you want to lock and select your expiry. Remember locking is not reversible. The amount of sPPI received will depend on how much and how long you locked your PPI for.

You can extend a lock and add PPI to it at any point but you cannot have PPI with different expiry dates.

After creating your lock, you will need to apply your boost.

Applying your Boost

Now that your PPI is locked and ready to boost your rewards, lets apply them to your farm. Again, we will use CFX-ETH as the example.

  1. Select the Farming tab from the main screen.

2. Click on the apply icon that also shows your current boost for each of the farms. For CFX-ETH, click the apply button for that farm.

3. A popup from your wallet will appear to confirm that you want to apply PPI to boost your farms. Click Confirm

Boosting your PPI rewards

Head over to the Yield Farming page.

If you see your new boost on the farming page, then you do not need to do anything else.

If your current boost hasn't moved, you will need to claim PPI from each of the farms you're providing liquidity in to update your boost. After doing so, your boost should be displayed.


The boost mechanism will calculate your earning weight by taking the smaller amount of two values.

UserBoostShare = min {UserLPShare, UserLPShare*0.33 + 0.67*TotalLPShare * (UserLockedPPI/TotalLockedPPI)}

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