🧑‍🌾Farming Tasty Avocados

In the previous section, you learned how to add liquidity to a Swappi liquidity pool. Adding liquidity to an LP allows you to earn passive income by getting a fee from each trade conducted on that trading pair. But you can still earn more on Swappi.

In this section, you'll use another feature from Swappi called farming. Farming allows you to stake your LP tokens in exchange for a reward in the form of Swappi's token, PPI.

Let's learn how to stake our LP tokens and farm some tasty avocados 🥑.


  • Your wallet connected to Conflux eSpace and Swappi.

  • A LP token.

  • CFX to pay for gas transaction costs.

Farming PPI on Swappi

  1. In Swappi, go to Farming.

  2. In the Farming panel, you'll see a list of farms, or liquidity pools where you can stake your LP tokens. In the CFX-ETH farm, click Details.

  3. Now, click Enable to start the process of farming.

  4. In MetaMask, click Confirm to give MetaMask permission to access your CFX-ETH LP token.

  5. Once the transaction is approved, click Stake LP.

  6. In the Stake LP dialog, enter the amount of CFX-ETH LP tokens that you want to stake, then click Confirm.

  7. In MetaMask, click Confirm to confirm the transaction.

You have just farmed your CFX-ETH LP tokens! Over time, this staked tokens will yield to you PPI tokens. Sweet!

Swappi now displays the amount of LP tokens that you just staked. [insert image here]

It also reflect the amount of PPI that you have earned. Note: If you just started staking, the amount of PPI will likely be 0. Don't worry, it'll grow over time depending on the amount of LP tokens that you staked. To learn more about farming on Swappi, see the Farming section. [insert image here]

Once you accrue some PPI, you can claim them. See Collecting Your Farming Rewards to learn how.

You're now earning more with Swappi. But you can earn even more by boosting the amount of PPI that you receive from your farmed tokens, so follow along!

In the next section, we'll learn how to increase our boost our PPI rewards on Swappi.

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