Removing Liquidity from a Pool

Users can easily remove LP tokens from the liquidity pool easily as well. To remove LP tokens from the liquidity pool:

  1. Click the Liquidity tab.

2. Liquidity pools that you already have tokens in should automatically appear. If it is not there, select the two coins that create the LP token you want to remove from the liquidity pool. In this example, we are again using CFX and ETH.

3. Next to the pairing is a little dropdown arrow. Click the arrow and an option will appear to add more or remove liquidity.

4. Select remove liquidity (The add icon is a quick way to add additional liquidity to the pairing as well. The steps are all the same).

5. A few options will appear to give you easy to select options of 25% increments up to 100% removal and a slider to give you specific control.

6. There is a detailed option to give your greater control of exactly how much of a coin you wish to remove. Select the amount of the coin you want to highlight and enter the specific amount.

7. Click Approve and a MetaMask confirmation window will appear to sign off on the removal of an LP token.

8. The Remove button will now be selectable. Click Remove

9. A confirmation window will appear breaking down the transaction. Click Confirm and another confirmation popup from MetaMask will appear.

10. Click Confirm in the MetaMask wallet to finalize the transaction.

Thats it! The ETH and CFX token will be back in your wallet.

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