🌠Boosting Your Rewards

In the previous section, you learned how to use the Swappi farms to stake you LP tokens in exchange for a reward in the form of Swappi's token, PPI.

In this section, we'll learn how to boost the amount of rewards we can get by staking our PPI!


  • Having farmed any LP token.

  • PPI tokens to boost your staking rewards. To get PPI, you can claim it from the farm that you staked you LP tokens in, or you can trade other assets for PPI in Swappi Exchange.

  • CFX to pay for gas transaction costs.

Boosting Your PPI Rewards

  1. In Swappi, go to Staking.

  2. Click Stake PPI to boost your farming!.

  3. In the Stake PPI dialog, enter the amount of PPI that you want to stake and the duration of the staking. The more PPI that you stake, the more your boost factor will increase. Similarly, the longer the time that you stake your PPI, the longer your boost factor. You can also use the Swappi Boost Simulator to calculate your boost and simulate your farming strategy. Note: While your PPI are staked, you won't be able to withdraw them.

  4. Once you defined your staking amount and duration, click Approve PPI.

  5. In MetaMask, click Confirm to give permission to Swappi to access your PPI tokens.

  6. Once the approval is completed, click Confirm to stake your PPI.

  7. In MetaMask, click Confirm to confirm the transaction and finish staking your PPI.

Once the transaction is complete, Swappi will display the amount of staked PPI and the unstaking time. [insert image here]

Once the staking time is due, your staked PPI will be automatically transferred to your wallet.

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