Swappi is the leading decentralized exchange on Conflux eSpace and helps you make the most of your crypto in three ways: Swap, Stake & Earn, and Win.


Instantly swap crypto tokens, no registration or account needed on the first DApp running on Conflux's eSpace.

  • Low Fees: Swappi runs on Conflux eSpace, a blockchain with much lower transaction costs than Ethereum or Bitcoin, and lower than other top decentralized exchanges.

  • Decentralized: Trade directly from your wallet of choice, and retain 100% ownership of your own crypto.

Stake & Earn

Earn PPI and other tokens with super high interest rates unlocked by staking your PPI and LP tokens.

  • Earn PPI with Yield Farms: Stake LP tokens and earn PPI with a little more exposure to market fluctuations but higher APYs.

  • Earn trading fees: If your trading pair is not supported on the Farms, you can still earn when you stake your tokens in Liquidity Pools (LPs).

  • Boost your PPI Rewards from Yield Farming by staking your PPI.

  • Boost your PPI returns by staking your PPI.

  • Increase your Launchpad score to participate Pre-sale IDOs by staking your PPI.


Win PPI by playing games!


The Lottery is a fun place where you can purchase lucky tickets to win up to thousands of dollars, participate in it now to grab your chance to win big!

Is Swappi Safe?

Check out these Swappi safe measures:


  • Swappi is built on open-sourced software. Our site and all our smart contracts are publicly visible for maximum transparency.

  • Our contracts are verified on Conflux Scan

Contract safe:

  • Multisig for all contracts.

  • All contracts are deployed by timelocks.

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