Boost FAQ

This FAQ is dedicated to Swappi's unique PPI boost to answer some of the questions that have been brought up by the public.

When does Boosting start?

Boosting began April 14th, 2021, at 9 PM EST.

How can I activate Boosting?

First, stake your LPs into farm pools. Second, ensure that you have vePPI. You can obtain it by staking your PPI as seen on the staking page image below:

Do I need to lock more PPI to enjoy the separate farm pool boosting?

No, you don't. Make sure to have LP tokens staked. Apply farm boosting on your farming page, and you are good to avocado!

How do I know if I am getting a boost now?

If you can see the boost factor showing a figure greater than 1.01x next to the farm pool, then you are enjoying a boost.

If the bar below shows Apply, it means you have staked your PPI but boost isn't applied yet. You need to apply it in the farming page to start enjoying your boost.

If the bar below shows Update, it means you should upgrade since your boost factor has been changed recently due to the pool changes and vePPI amount.

How often does my boost factor change?

Your boost factor changes under two scenarios:

  1. Whenever the general staking pool changes. When more tokens are staked or unstaked in the general pool, it will affect the amount of vePPI needed to maximize the boost. Your boost factor could change in tandem whenever you stake or unstake some tokens as well.

  2. Whenever you adjust your vePPI amount.

Will my boost factor change after I harvest PPI?

No. However, if you locked some of the harvested PPI, it would affect your vePPI, which would then change your boost factor.

Why did my boost factor decrease after I lock more PPI?

As mentioned before, your vePPI decreases linearly over time. However, your boost factor will only take notice of your decreasing voting power when you interact with certain contracts like applying, locking, unlocking, etc.. Until such interactions happen, your boost factor is calculated using the last recorded vePPI amount. This might be much higher than the current actual vePPI tally.

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