Putting your LP Tokens into a Farm

Now that you have your LP Tokens, you’re ready to start staking them in a Farm and earning rewards!

  1. Select the farming tab on the top of the webpage.

2. To the far right of the pairing you want to select is a dropdown arrow. Click the arrow to reveal more options.

3. The first time staking a specific LP token will require you to enable staking for that token. Click Enable (The picture shows Stake LP. The first time farming a specific LP taken the button will say Enable first).

4. A popup confirmation from your wallet will appear click Confirm to enable staking.

5. After the confirmation is a complete a new button called "Stake LP" will replace the Enable button.

6. Select Stake LP

7. A popup window will appear asking how many tokens you wish to stake. Enter the amount of tokens or click the max button to stake all of that specific LP token. Click Confirm

8. A popup window from your wallet will appear to confirm the transaction.

That's it! You're now farming!

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