Bridging Assets with Butter Bridge

Butter Bridge is built on MAP Protocol, which is the foundation of all Butter's products. It allows the establishment of connections with all chains barrierless. In short, Butter Bridge allows users to move on-chain assets from one blockchain to another in a truly decentralized and trustless way.


These are the items needed to use Butter Bridge.

  • An EVM-compatible wallet such as Fluent or MetaMask.

  • CFX to pay the gas fee

Bridging and Converting MATIC to PPI From Polygon to Conflux eSpace

In this guide, we will bridge MATIC directly to PPI as an example transaction.

  1. Click Connect Wallet to begin connecting your wallet.

  1. Select the EVM - compatible wallet of your choice. In this example, we will use MetaMask. Skip to step 8.

(Note: To connect using Fluent, please ensure that you have turned on the Priority Connection toggle under Advanced Settings as seen in the pictures below.)

  1. Select the Additional Options Icon in the upper right of the wallet.

  1. Select Advanced Settings.

  1. Select Priority Connection, and ensure this toggle is in the on position as seen in the picture below.

  1. A pop-up to connect the wallet to the site will appear when using Butter Bridge for the first time. Click Next.

  1. Click Connect

The top two boxes highlighted in the picture below represent the two tokens that will be exchanged. The top token is the token a user currently has in the wallet. The bottom box is the token the user wants to receive after bridging.

  1. Select the token to bridge from and to.

  1. Select the amount of the token to bridge from.

The interface will shift to show the route selected automatically with any swaps made along the route by Butter Bridge. Skip to Step 14 to continue bridging using the route Butter Bridge automatically selects. 12. Optional Step: To view alternative routes, select the More Routes option as shown in the picture below.

  1. Optional Step: Select the Route to use.

The Confirm button will be replaced with Approve when using a token for the first time.

  1. Click Approve.

  1. A pop-up window will appear to select a max amount for a transaction for the token’s usage on the site. It is recommended to select a large number for the maximum to prevent accidental rejections in future transactions. Alternatively, select the max button to insert an extremely large number.

  1. Once a limit has been entered, click Next.

  1. Click Approve.

  1. Select Confirm as seen in the picture below when you are ready to bridge.

  1. A pop-up window will appear in your wallet. Select Confirm to complete the transaction.

Your tokens are now being bridged to your account in Conflux eSpace. It may take a few minutes for the funds to be reflected in your account.

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