➡️What's Next?

🙌 You've gone from zero to swapping for the first time on Swappi. But there are more ways in which you can still trade and earn on Swappi!

  • 🚰 See Adding Liquidity to a Pool to learn how to add liquidity to pools on Swappi, or see the Liquidity Pools section to learn about how liquidity pools work on Swappi.

  • 👩‍🌾 See the Yield Farming section to learn how to add your liquidity pool tokens to a farm and earn farming rewards.

  • 🥑 See PPI Staking section to learn how to use your PPI tokens to earn more PPI tokens and boost LP rewards.

  • 🚀 Explore the Product Roadmap to learn more about upcoming features for Swappi.

  • 📣 To keep in touch and follow the latest news on Swappi, see the Social Accounts and Communities.

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